The Grave Of Saint Oran is a short stopmotion animation based on the poem ‘In Relig Odhran’ by Neil Gaiman. The characters and world will be designed by illustrator Ellen Barkin Söderholm, then these designs will be turned into paper cutout puppets and sets, ready to be hand animated frame by frame.

The poem is a strange tale, full of brooding atmosphere and metaphysical horror, and we intend to build on that mood, keeping the darkness and sense of philosophical curiosity that are at the core of the story. Everyone on the project is excited to be involved, and we’ve already started preproduction. However, animation – especially stopmotion – is time consuming and expensive. We don’t want to comprise on quality or take years to finish, so to make this short film possible we are going to be turning to kickstarter to raise the funds needed to start production.