ruins & clouds

Posted on Aug 20, 2017
ruins & clouds

Gonna be a quick update this time! It’s been sweltering in the studio this week, New York summer is in full swing. We’re still hammering away on lovely atmospheric shots of the chapel, in various states of construction and ruination.

In the photo above you can see Josh leaning into the middle of the set,  paying careful attention to the placement of every last piece of rubble. A lot of time (and swearing) goes into prepping the clouds and fog in these wide shots, but the end results are worth it. Look at that lovely sunset back there!

This a quick snap from my work desk, getting up close on some anatomical details. And the photo below of the rig might look like a mess, but trust me – every single thing is locked down and in a critical position!

That’s all for this week, just a quick peek this time round. See you all next weekend!